Oh yeah! This is the truth! :)

Oh, yeah! It surely is the Truth! The narc-psychopath stalking me and invading my privacy (hacking into my computers and phone) keeps spreading all over the Internet that I’m a liar, I make up conspiracy theories, and I harass others. THIS all coming from a monster who is “pathological liar”, “master manipulator”, “master of disguise” (with his countless ‘fake’ and alias accounts), etc., etc.. These N’s/P’s just love to project onto their victims that which THEY are guilty of themselves. Because I refuse to keep silent about his profound stalking and invasion of my privacy, well then I indeed AM the worst woman on the face of the earth because I am and will continue to be the seeker and teller of Truth, which translates into me being his worst nightmare!

Madeline Scribes


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