Jimmy Carter: Unchecked Political Contributions Are ‘Legal Bribery’

The corruption going on in the US continues to progress all in favour of big corporations and those in their pocket, while the country as a whole continues to digress and deteriorate. As far as running for any political office, there should be NO issue in regards to the amount of money one has or can get their hands on. There should be in place a “general campaign fund” that ALL those wishing to run for office may use from, with an equal amount allowed among all the candidates. This way, NO one, NO big business will have the ability to influence ANY particular politician. We can’t ever make a major overhaul of the current failing system with the crooks in place, because all the crooks have all the money or access to all the money!

..And the lobbying of DC, is nothing more than more of the same, big business gaining favours through their money they use to “buy favours” and influence how this country is run and the laws made. Lobbying should be made illegal. The average American can’t afford to lobby, so how can this be right? Or allowed? Big businesses have all the say and are yet again, running this country… IN THE GROUND!
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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