The Day Women of the Congo Seized Control of the Internet

Incredibly amazing women heroes! There’s so much “positiveness” emanating from their bravery and determination. So many of us live in our “safe little bubbles” and lament about how bad we have it, myself included at times I admit shamefully. But when you learn of what “REAL BAD” is, it awakens you to realising how fortunate you really are, inflates the humility and deflates the ego, and instigates a greater sense of genuine gratitude.

This is also a prime example of just how important it is to work to make sure the Internet is free and freely accessible for and by ALL people “around the world” and should never be controlled or allowed to be controlled by ANY select group, whether they be of/by governments, organisations, corporate or social media giants, etc.. The one platform available that ALL should be able to connect, share, communicate, and unite on is the Internet. The Internet is the ONE tool these women had/have that is “enabling their voices and cries for help” to be heard.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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