Heart And Mind To Host Unkind

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Heart And Mind To Host Unkind

Written by Artsie_ladie, aka Sharon Donnelly © 2010-04-04 17:02:12

Artsie_ladie's Poetry
It seems I’m at an impasse. I am out of syncs.

Heart is feeling one way; mind, it differently thinks.
I am just the host, though unfortunate it’s become,
To hang around this chaos, better to be numb.

Heart is open, warm, showing willingness to hold
A nurturing environment, and so the mind gets told,
Be accepting, allow a person’s trodding, although with heavy foot,
Don’t dismiss too lightly without trying first, to put
Into play, the gears in full steam locomotion
To understand in depth before dismissing all devotion.

Mind speaks clearly, remembering past battles lost
And then reminds heart all that it has cost.
Mind rattles on, drawing from knowledge it has gained,
Knowing heart’s intent shall not likely be restrained.
But mind, not so easily swayed or even daunted,
Stands its ground stubbornly, defying all that’s wanted.

So it goes, back and forth betwixt them every day,
The two wake up arguing with the host left in dismay,
The relentless monotony when bickering’s never done,
The repetition exhausting with a winner neither one.

But still the two in opposition, plunder causing woe,
Too preoccupied to notice or even care to know,
The havoc their host must unwillingly endure
All the while praying for an end or some cure!!!

However, in the background after full disclosure,
There is found a reason for the loss of host composure.
The catalyst, the culprit, of continual aggravation
Is the very same as the initial instigation.

So the host begins to shout, screaming for attention,
Amplifying the need to explain the reason for dissension.
But the dispute has escalated, forged a new divide,
Heart and mind now bitter, refusing to abide.

Heart and mind so captivated by their mission each
Become instead unwittingly a vampiristic leech.
Depleted of its strength, the host then slowly fades
And by and by are drawn the last and final shades.

Heart and mind as well crumble in the wake,
And so, are never given a chance to even make
Amends or an apology to their kind and gentle host.
The saddest thing of all, the culprit’s left to boast.

Artsie_ladie's Poetry

Artsie_ladie Poetry This is my latest poem – 2010-04-04. Artsie_ladie Poetry
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Artsie_ladie's Poetry

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